The Following -- Season 2
#01 "Resurrection"#09 "Unmasked"
#02 "For Joe"#10 "Teacher's Pet"
#03 "Trust Me"#11 "Freedom"
#04 "Family Affair"#12 "Betrayal"
#05 "Reflection"#13 "The Reaping"
#06 "Fly Away"#14 "Silence"
#07 "Sacrifice"#15 "Forgive"
#08 "The Messenger"
Season 2

January 19, 2014 - April 28, 2014
They Will Never Let Go

Season 2 of The Following premiered on January 19, 2014 in the United States on FOX. It also premiered in the United Kingdom on January 21, 2014 on Sky Atlantic.


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# Image Title Airdate Writer(s) Director
201 Resurrection "Resurrection" January 19, 2014 Kevin Williamson Marcos Siega
One year after Joe Carroll's death, Ryan is trying to adjust to going back to his ordinary life. However, a new series of killings raises the question of whether Joe is actually dead or if his legacy has lived on.
202 ForJoe "For Joe" January 27, 2014 Vincent Angell Joshua Butler
Ryan receives a call from two of the subway killers, who begin a deadly game with him. Meanwhile, Joe's cover identity is at risk when a local reverend realizes who he is.
203 TrustMe "Trust Me" February 3, 2014 Alexi Hawley Liz Friedlander
The FBI begins to suspect that Ryan isn't as out of the loop as he claims when they discover that he's been investigating Emma and the remaining Havenport cult members. Meanwhile, Joe is forced to go to a new plan.
204 FamilyAffair "Family Affair" February 10, 2014 Brett Mahoney Marcos Siega
Ryan and Max ignore Mike's warnings and continue their private investigation. Meanwhile, Joe and Mandy meet a new follower, and Mark and Luke draw Emma further into their web.
205 Reflection "Reflection" February 17, 2014 Lizzie Mickery Nicole Kassell
Ryan and Max capture a suspect and try to learn where Lily and her group are, but things take a turn for a worse. Meanwhile, Emma blames Joe for leaving her in the lurch, while Luke and Jamel go to bring Giselle to the manor.
206 FlyAway "Fly Away" February 24, 2014 Dewayne Jones Rob Seidenglanz
Ryan and Max call in the FBI when they find out where Lily and her "family" are staying. However, Mike has his own plan for taking on the killers. Meanwhile, Joe tries to cope with his new working arrangement with Lily, and Luke deals with the aftermath of Giselle's stabbing.
207 Sacrifice "Sacrifice" March 3, 2014 Scott Reynolds Adam Davidson
While Ryan continues working with the FBI to find Joe and Lily, a new danger targets Max. Meanwhile, Joe, Emma, and Mandy arrive at the Korban Compound seeking refuge.
208 TheMessenger "The Messenger" March 10, 2014 Alexi Hawley Marcos Siega
While Ryan tries to track down Joe's mentor, Joe, Emma, and Mandy start adapting to their new life at the compound.
209 Unmasked "Unmasked" March 17, 2014 Vincent Angell Nicole Kassell
While Ryan, Max, and Mike pursue the FBI mole with Director Franklin's support, Joe announces his resurrection to the world.
210 Teacher'sPet "Teacher's Pet" March 24, 2014 Brett Mahoney Marcos Siega
Joe uses his new acolytes to launch a wave of terror to announce his return. Meanwhile, Mike meets an old friend while Ryan and Max use Strauss to try and make contact with Joe.
211 Freedom "Freedom" March 31, 2014 Dewayne Jones Liz Friedlander
While Ryan and Mike track down a new cult of killers, Joe continues training the Korban community in his unique plan to unleash a wave of terror and death.
212 Betrayal "Betrayal" April 7, 2014 Lizzie Mickery Marcos Siega
Joe targets an enemy's son after being publicly condemned. Elsewhere, Ryan learns that Claire is alive, and Mandy makes a decision that could undo all of Joe's work.
213 TheReaping "The Reaping" April 14, 2014 Megan Martin Joshua Butler
While Ryan tries to infiltrate the Korban compound, Mike makes a life-changing decision and Claire asks Carrie to give Joe a message from her.
214 Silence "Silence" April 21, 2014 Scott Reynolds Steve Shill
Joe launches his master plan and Mike and Ryan try to stop him. Meanwhile, Claire must make a decision, and Luke and Mark have to decide what to do next.
215 Forgive "Forgive" April 28, 2014 Kevin Williamson Marcos Siega
Ryan and Joe must join forces to stop Mark and Luke from killing Claire as revenge for the death of their mother.


  • As of the episode Forgive, no female main character appeared in every episode. Connie Nielsen and Valorie Curry were left out the credits when their characters were killed.
  • This is the first season in which Mike Weston appears in every episode. In the previous season, Mike was absent in a few episodes.
  • Joe, Ryan and Mike appeared in every episode in season 2.
  • Emma Hill is the only main character to die during season 2, while not being introduced during this season. Luke, Mandy and Lily were all introduced this season, when their characters were killed.
  • Luke Gray is the only male character to die during season 2.
  • Claire Matthews rejoined the main characters during the episode Teacher's Pet. This makes Claire the first main character to rejoin the cast during the middle of the season.
    • In Unmasked, Claire's character was not credited for her appearance. This is so far the only time Claire was not credited for her appearance on the show.
  • In the season final Forgive (2) kills Joe more people then in The Final Chapter (1).
  • Unlike the previous season in which a married couple was killed which was featured off-screen, both the kills happened on-screen this season.
  • Just like the previous season, 4 main characters died during this season: Mandy Lang, Lily Gray, Emma Hill and Luke Gray.

Behind the scenes

  • This season will no longer be about Edgar Allan Poe and there will be less FBI hunting events. Instead, it will reveal more about the characters[1].

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