Sarah Fuller
Portrayed byMaggie Grace
First appearance"Pilot"
Last appearance"Pilot"
Biographical information
ResidenceNorfolk, VA

Dr. Sarah Fuller was the last victim of Joe Carroll before his capture.



Sarah attended the university where Joe Carroll taught. In her time there, Carroll taught Sarah about Edgar Allan Poe, among other things.

As she was walking back to her dormitory with her roommate, Annie, one night, she accidentally bumped into Ryan Hardy. They then entered the dorm and Annie was killed by Carroll, who was waiting for them inside. Carroll then attempted to attack Sarah, stabbing her. Before he could kill her, however, Ryan Hardy stopped and apprehended him. ("Pilot")


Sarah testified against Carroll, telling the court how Carroll stabbed her several times, and that because she was too weak to fight back, she shoved the knife further into herself in an attempt to sever an artery and bleed to death faster. ("Pilot")


Working as a doctor, Sarah lived a normal life, the only thing to remind her of her past being the scars that remained. Her next door neighbors were a gay couple, their respective names being Billy Thomas and Will Wilson, or so they claimed. They were actually two of Carroll's followers, Paul and Jacob, and the time they spent as her neighbors was merely a ploy to gain her trust. When Carroll escaped from prison, they kidnapped her and brought her over to a property they owned, the Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast, so that he could finish his work. ("Pilot") Ryan attempts to rescue her, but finds he is too late; Joe murdered Sarah and gouged out her eyes, taunting Ryan with her body.


  • Sarah is the first character who has a flashback.
  • Sarah is also the first main cast member to have a flashback.
  • Although Sarah only appeared in one episode, Maggie Grace was credited as a series regular for the pilot. This was possibly done to throw off the audience about her death.
  • Sarah along with Jennifer Mason appeared in the least episodes for a main character. Coincidentally, both appeared only in the Pilot.
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