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Shane McRae
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Manner of Death
Killed by Emma Hill
Late 20's
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Korban Member

Robert is a member of the Korban Community and a Follower of Joe Carroll. He had previously met with Joe a few times before though Joe didn't really know him all that well, other than that he was involved with a cult called Korban and offered it as a refuge for Joe if he needed it in the future. Due to this connection, Joe is allowed to meet Micah the leader of the cult...and slowly works his way into manipulating the man until he assumes control of it.



Robert is first shown welcoming Joe to Korban, to which Joe is forced by the leader and his wife to abide by their rules. However, Joe managed to manipulate Micah into killing his wife and successfully killed Micah later as Robert watched and proclaimed Joe the new leader to Korban.

Later, Robert introduces Joe to a group (Mallory, Lucas, Patrick, and Tilda) who have volunteered to be the next messengers. However, after Joe coerces Angila to kill Carla, one of Robert's friends, causes Robert to begin to doubt Joe. However, Emma manages to seduce him back to believing in Joe again.

Lucas, Angela, Tilda and Robert to find Carrie; they assault her guards as Joe calls her forcing her to broadcast another message, less she and her love ones pay. They then go to the college campus where Kingston's son, Preston goes and Robert and Angela super glue masks on the fraternity campus faces. He then escapes after Lucas is killed along with Preston.

Afterwards, when Joe is almost killed by Ryan, Robert reveals Ryan may have followed then and informs Joe they should leave as soon as possible and is shocked to see Joe refusing. After Ryan is captured, he talks with Emma questioning why Joe won't kill Ryan and asks if its cause of last year over how he lost his wife and son's love. As Lily's group arrives at Korban, Robert and Emma are shocked to see Joe refuse to kill Ryan and let him live while he and the others escape with Preston to a remote location.

After Joe discovers that Claire is alive, he sends Robert and Emma to capture her so he can kill her himself. As Emma goes to get her, Robert tackles Claire to the ground and subdues her. When Emma expresses her desire to kill her now and be done with it, Robert refuses, agreeing with Claire that Joe would be angry and they should not disobey him. Emma says Joe won't ever know what happened stating that cause Claire had a gun they had no choice since she says she killed Robert. Confused, Robert is then shot by Emma. As Emma is about to kill Claire, Robert gets up and begins strangling Emma, leaving Emma to shoot him a second time, killing him.

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