Rick meets Carroll
Rick Kester
Portrayed byMichael Drayer
First appearance"Chapter Two"
Last appearance"The Poet's Fire"
Biographical information
Also known asPrince Prospero[1] (Internet)
AffiliationThe Followers (2009-2013)
Family membersMargaret Kester - Wife

"I like fire, sir. It started when I was a kid and it just stuck. I'm not good at knives, but I've been practicing getting better. But I still prefer fire."
"Definitely makes a statement."
-Rick and Joe

Rick Kester was Margaret Kester's husband and one of Joe Carroll's followers.


He is the one who attacked Ryan in Emma's old house. He knocked Ryan out and ran away deciding that Hardy would not die there. Later he appeared at the end of the episode where he lit Stan Fellows, a literary critic who had panned Joe's book, on fire after pouring gasoline on him. (Chapter Two)

It is revealed in the next episode, The Poet's Fire that he was across the street disguised as a street performer dramatically reciting Poe's "The Raven" while wearing a Poe mask. When he was done, he lit the man on fire. Later he talked to Margaret on the phone; and told them there were three people Joe blamed for the downfall of his career: the critic, Dean Phillip Barnes, who had denied Joe tenure after his book bombed, and Ryan Hardy. Rick then killed the dean; saying this was the first time he's killed with knives. He escaped and later helped Maggie trick the FBI into protecting her; her cover was blown when Jordan Raines gave her up on accident. But it was too late; Rick helped her escape after she killed Troy Riley but was shot twice in the process by Ryan Hardy, fatally wounding him.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2013:
    • Ryan Hardy (assaulted; later attempted to kill)
    • Stan Fellows (set on fire; killed for giving Joe's book a bad review)
    • Dean Phillip Barnes (stabbed in the chest; killed for denying Joe tenure)


  • Rick Kester was the first character killed by Ryan in the series.
  • Rick and his wife Margaret were both killed by a main character.
  • Rick and his wife Margaret were the first known followers who were related to each other by marriage.


  1. The protagonist of "The Masque of Red Death"
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