Louise Sinclair 
Portrayed byAnnika Boras
First appearance"Let Me Go"
Last appearance"Love Hurts"
Biographical information
ResidenceJoe's Mansion
AffiliationThe Followers (Pre-2013-2013)

Louise Sinclair was one of Joe Carroll's Followers and Tim Nelson's lover.


Originally from New Orleans, Louise used to be employed by private military corporation Blackwater. She helped Joe escape from police custody the second time by killing a bystander. She later assists Tim Nelson in kidnapping Mike Weston to get Claire's location. She nearly killed Mike Weston and is known to be in a sexual relationship with Tim Nelson.

She assists Amanda Porter's rampage of killing the woman named Claire Matthews, Joe's ex-wife. As Claire Matthews is in police custody, she shoots the officer from behind and lets Amanda go after to kill her. Just as she goes to assist, Ryan arrives and demands for her to turn around slowly or he will shoot her. She mocks him saying he won't. However, this was her downfall as Ryan does exactly what she thought he wouldn't and is shot and killed by Ryan Hardy during his pursuit of Amanda Porter.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2013:
    • An unnamed bystander (slashed his abdomen with a straight razor)
    • Mike Weston (abducted; attempted to kill by stabbing; was rescued)
    • An unnamed police officer (shot)