Jenny Orson is the sister of Ryan Hardy.


Jenny is the younger sister of Ryan Hardy. She was married but divorced him at some point. At first, when she heard about her brother dating Joe Carroll's ex Claire, she wasn't too fond of her, but later admitted to her brother she likes her. After some point he broke things off from her, she expressed her frustration at her brother's choice and that he wants them to have better for them away from him. She pointed out he loves her, but it's because he loves her he had to leave.

Occasionally, she'd take her brother home from his drinking problems and encouraged him to stop his drinking problem less he hurt himself and his pacemaker. Eventually, she was fed up with his attitude and left.


In "Mad Love" Jenny was kidnapped by Maggie Kester for revenge on Ryan for murdering her husband. She forced Jenny to call him and lure Ryan to her. Once Ryan arrived, Maggie began to take her revenge by forcing magnets on his body to disrupt his pacemaker so the knife wound Joe gave him would kill him. She forced a terrified Jenny to watch her brother die to cause psychological damage on her watching him die. Luckily, Mike arrived at the last minute and killed Maggie and saved both Ryan and Jenny. After being checked up, Ryan checked on Jenny and expressed his relief she's alright and asks her to leave the country for a while so she would be safe. At this point, Ryan seems to have made peace with his sister from long ago.