The Following 1x09-6
Amanda Porter
Portrayed byMarin Ireland
First appearance"Love Hurts"
Last appearance"Love Hurts"
Biographical information
StatusAlive (in custody)
Also known as
AffiliationThe Followers (2007-2013)
Family membersUnnamed ex-husband (deceased)

"Cheaters don't get happy endings, my husband didn't get one!"

Amanda Porter is one of Joe's Followers.



Amanda visits Joe Carroll in jail to ask for advice after having killed her husband and the woman he was having an affair with. She hacked up their bodies, and drove to Florida to dump them in a swamp.  Unable to return to Oklahoma, she tells Joe that she has nowhere to go. Joe advises her to contact Roderick for a place to stay.


Overcome with emotion at Joe's return, Amanda tells him that she wants her 'chapter' to have a happy ending. She and Louise begin killing women named Claire Matthews, after Joe's wife, in at attempt to draw Ryan Hardy out. When she takes the last Claire Matthews hostage in a face-off with Ryan, she tells him that she has to teach him a lesson for sleeping with Joe's wife. He admits that he is still in love with Claire, and asks Amanda to shoot him with her nail gun to punish him instead. As Amanda moves to do so, Ryan tackles her and frees the hostage, and the police apprehend Amanda and arrest her for the double murder of her husband and his lover.

She is still in custody, as Debra mentioned she has talked about trivial things (albet in a sarcastic and cruel way).


  • In custody, she told Debra:
    • She is a Pisces
    • Her favorite movie is The Notebook
    • She is in favor of the death penalty
    • She is a creationist
    • She likes 70s soft rock
    • She hates peanut butter, Whole milk, and Anne Hathaway
  • She appears to have a certain fondness for heavy weapons and/or power tools, since she tended to use them during her killings.

Known victimsEdit

  • Unspecified date in 2007:
    • Her unnamed husband and his mistress, Lindsay (both shot with a shotgun; dismembered; dumped in a Florida swamp)
  • 2013:
    • Claire Dobkins, née Matthews (shot with a harpoon gun)
    • Claire Matthews (pushed from her flat)
    • The attack at the festival:
      • Unnamed college student (incidental; stabbed in the abdomen)
      • Claire Matthews (attempted; threatened to kill with a nailgun)
      • Ryan Hardy (shot in the arm with a nailgun in an effort to escape; survived)
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