Alex Lipton
Portrayed byCharlie Semine
First appearance"The End is Near"
Last appearance"The Final Chapter"
Biographical information
Also known as
ResidenceThe Follower's House Havenport,MD
Milita sniper (formerly)
AffiliationFreedom 13 (dissolved)
The Followers

Alex Lipton was the ring leader of the massacre at the evacuation center and responsible for burying Debra Parker alive. Prior to joining the Followers, he was a sniper for the Freedom 13 militia, led by Daniel Monroe. Later under Joe's orders he sets up a trap for the FBI and tries to snipe agent Mike Weston but kills a cop instead as he got in the way of his shot. He is brutally beaten by Weston and Ryan for the location of Agent Parker, he finally gives it up when Ryan shoves his thumb into his eye. Sadly when they get there Debra is already dead which causes Ryan to shoot Alex in the head.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2013:
    • Five killed and twelve injured with knives, axes and other bladed weapons at the evacuation center along with a pack of other Followers
    • Debra Parker (buried alive)
    • Scott Turner (stabbed non-fatally)
    • Mike Weston (attempted; missed)
    • Unnamed cop (incidental; shot with a sniper rifle)